SNAP households will see a reduction in monthly SNAP benefits in March 2023 and Medicaid renerals and potential disenrollment will begin with renewals due is May 2023 and continue for a year based on a member's annual renewal date.

February SNAP Benefits

On the normal date SNAP benefits are placed onto your EBT card, the amount of benefits will equate to the total amount of benefits you will receive monthly beginning in March 2023. Later in the month of February an additional allotment will be added to your EBT card in order to help transition you to this change. This second allotment will bring your total February allotment to the same amount you have been receiving in previous months.

Why is this change happening?

Under the federal budget bill passed in December, SNAP households will see a reduction in monthly benefits based on your household income and expenses; and Medicaid will return to normal eligibility renewal processes.

Can I appeal?

For SNAP households the answer is no, this action is not subject to appeal and was decided upon by the Federal Government, not the State of Colorado or Kiowa County. 

For Medicaid members the answer is yes. Appeal information will be included on the Notice of Action provided along with the reason for the action taken.

What Can I Do To Help My Family Through This Change?

For SNAP you can roll over your benefits to the next month. This may help to cushion the impact of the reduction in benefits. You can also stock up on non-perishable items while you have the additional benefits. Stretch your ingredients and plan to use them in more than one meal. This helps to save money and reduce food waste. Consider freezing your produce to make fruit and vegetables last longer.

For Medicaid, make sure Health First Colorado and/or CHP+ has your current mailing address, phone number, email or other contact information. This way Medicaid will be able to contact you about your Health First Colorado or CHP+ coverage. It's easy to update your address, just call Kiowa County DSS to change your contact information. It is extremely important when you receive a renewal packet to make sure you fill it out, sign it, and return it by the due date.

If you have additional questions, please call Kiowa County DSS at (719) 438-5541.

Thank you!